Building with Nature Symposium

Today the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH) hosted a public symposium titled Building with Nature: A Symposium to Explore the Frontiers of Green Building, Biomimicry and Architecture. The purpose of the event was to brainstorm ideas for the redevelopment of  CMNH’s campus in University Circle.  The museum is hoping to develop a blueprint for a new building that responds to visitor needs and restores Earth’s natural systems.  In our opinion, this is a very respectable endeavor, and we hope CMNH paves the way for other educational facilities to reimagine their architecture.

The 9-5 event featured a multitude of speakers intermixed with audience Q&A sessions.  Throughout the event, university representatives encouraged audience members to email them their ideas for the new CMNH, as they occurred to us.  In between talks, a selection of submitted ideas scrolled across the projector.  What an innovative way to engage the community in a construction project!

The speaker with the most impressive talk was Chris Rogers of Point32.  He talked about the Bullitt Center, the greenest office building in the world (hopefully for only one day) which is about to open in Seattle, WA.

Building with Nature Symposium

Building with Nature Symposium

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