Corporate Roundtable Event at Sherwin-Williams

Last month, Great Lakes Biomimicry (GLBio) asked if I was available to give a short presentation at an upcoming Corporate Roundtable event, part of a monthly series organized by Center for Sustainable Business Practices at Cleveland State University.

For those of you who haven’t followed this blog from the very beginning or heard of GLBio, GLBio is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating conditions in our region for innovation through biomimicry. The Biomimicry PhD Fellowship is the result of one of the earliest collaborations between The University of Akron and GLBio. GLBio is the organization that initiates secures corporate and foundation sponsorships for Biomimicry Fellows. We have GLBio to thank for each of our fellowship opportunities.

The March Corporate Roundtable is particularly special to me, not only because GLBio was an organizer, but because it was held at the Breen Technology Center at Sherwin-Williams – my fellowship sponsor.

I was given the task to talk about Biomimicry and my spider color research here at the University. I knew the audience would be very diverse, so I prepared some simplified presentation slides, leaving out technical jargon and focusing on getting my points across with the best visuals I can make. That morning there were around 50 people in the room, consisting of employees of Sherwin-Williams, faculty members and students from Cleveland State University, and many other local business leaders. In a limited amount of time, I successfully ignited people’s interests and curiosities about Biomimicry and spiders with a continuing individual Q&A session lasting about 30 min after the event, until we had to vacate the conference room!

It was a really interesting experience, and it felt good to know that I can successfully make people excited about Biomimicry and biological research. Many opportunities like this are coming…I’ll try my best to share them with you on the blog.


ps. This week I’ll be kicking off an internal innovation workshop series at Sherwin-Williams with an introductory lecture about Biomimicry. Following-on will be weekly hands-on workshop sessions where we will tackle a Sherwin-Williams R&D project (topic to be determined at the kick-off session this week) using Biomimicry tools and processes. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we’ll achieve!!

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