GoatMan Quarterly – Special Issue

This year’s Biology Ig Nobel Prize goes to an interesting human being who wanted to take a break living as a human and instead live as a goat. In a very literal interpretation of bio-inspiration, Tom Thwaites zoomorphed into a goat with the assistance of custom-made goat prosthetics, which included hooves and a chest-attached rumen, to live amongst a herd of goats in the Alps for three days. His motivation was to simply shun modern living and appreciate living in the very moment – an often-elusive trait in the today’s world.


You most likely won’t see this type of research coming out of Akron unless Bill decides to weave a giant web and live like a spider, but that would most likely freak people out more than a human-goat. If anything, we certainly have a great appreciation for bio-inspired improbable research.


To read more, see Tom Thwaites website, BBC News, or for a more in-depth look at living like a goat, you can purchase the book: GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human.


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