NIEA Summit 2017

Great Lakes Biomimicry and the Ohio Aerospace Institute will host the “Nature-Inspired Exploration for Aerospace (NIEA) Summit 2017” from October 3-6 in collaboration with NASA. The summit will be held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute and will focus on biomimicry for aerospace applications.

More then 50 sessions are planned for the event and will be opened by a keynote presentation from biomimetics pioneer Dr. Julian Vincent. The summit will feature sessions from different researchers at NASA as well as from different universities across the US. A poster presentation is scheduled on October 5 where three of our Biomimicry Fellows (Elena Stachew, Kelly Siman and Sebastian Engelhardt) will talk about their research including topics such as “Biomimetic strategies to improve ropes for zero-G exercise machines” and “Aquaporin-based biomimetic membranes for waste water filtration in forward osmosis”. Furthermore, several networking events, such as a reception at the Museum of the Western Reserve in Cleveland’s Wade Oval neighborhood, are part of the agenda.

For further details and information take a look at the official summit website, where you can also register for the event. Registration will close on September 26.

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