Sebastian Engelhardt

I am specialized in the emerging field of biomimicry and trained in interdisciplinary research and communication at the interface of biology and engineering. I have a bachelor's degree in biology (Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany) and a master's in biomimetics/biomimicry (Carinthia Universtiy of Applied Sciences, Austria). During these degree programs I did research in various scientific disciplines such as genetics, biophysics, immunology, material sciences and engineering. For my master thesis I worked at the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf, Germany (ITV Denkendorf). The focus of my thesis was on the optimization of energy efficient textile buildings with transparent heat insulation for solar thermal usage inspired by the polar bear's fur.

Since fall 2013 I am an Integrated Bioscience PhD student at the University of Akron, Ohio, USA. I am also a biomimicry fellow and work for the company Ross Environmental Services in Elyria, Ohio. During my PhD I would like to focus on research related to biomimicry, bioengineering and/or biomedical engineering. I am currently working on water management and desalination strategies inspired by biological organisms.