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TED and TEDx events showcase speakers with “ideas worth spreading.” In September, the University of Akron hosted a TEDx event. The theme of TEDxUniversityofAkron was “Breaking the Mold.” Breaking the Mold means doing things differently in a way that challenges social norms and drives innovation to its true potential.  I was honored to be an invited speaker. Continue reading

Live Streaming TED 2013

TEDTED  (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a nonprofit devoted to “ideas worth spreading.”  TED hosts two annual five-day conferences, traditionally one in California and the other in Scotland.  Each conference features 18 minute lectures (TEDTalks) by 50 innovative thinkers from all over the world. Some speakers are established celebrities – for example, Bono discussed progress made in eradicating extreme poverty this year – while others are previously unrecognized geniuses discovered through an auditing process (TED’s Worldwide Talent Search).  Lectures are intermixed with shorter presentations of music, theater, and comedy.

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